Wood: Properties & Their Uses

Wood: Properties & Their Uses

Human beings are always surrounded by plants and animals, we have to take care of both of them. Trees are an important source of oxygen as well as various other things. When we talk of various about the things it means we are referring to the woodland of the tree. You can’t even imagine that one lumber can be useful in so many ways. Hence, this thing which we call as wood is a four letter word yet it has hundreds of uses. This article will give a perfect insight into the ways through which wood can be of use.

Wood: Properties & Their Uses
Wood: Properties & Their Uses

Wood Essential For Life

We get woods from the forest. Woodland is incredibly helpful for creating picket material. It’s a tough substance that forms the branches and trunks of trees and might be used as a material for building, for creating a piece of furniture, flooring, and plenty of additional or as a fuel. Individuals have utilized woods for thousands of years for many functions, in addition as a fuel or as a construction material for making homes, tools, Utensils, artworks, weapons, furniture. Identified constructions mistreatment woods go back 10 thousand years.

Hard & Soft Woods

The Woods is classified into hard or soft wood. The wood from conifers tree is termed softwood, and also the wood from dicotyledons sometimes broad-leafed trees are termed hardwood These names are slightly dishonorable, as onerous wood doesn’t seem to be hard, and softwoods don’t appear to be primarily soft. The well-known balsa is really softer than any softwood. Conversely, some softwood (example yew) is tougher than several hardwoods. There’s a durable relationship between the properties of woodland and in addition the properties of the actual tree that yielded it. The density of woodland varies with species. The density of a woodland correlates with its strength. For instance, mahogany maybe medium-dense hardwoods that are wonderful for a fine article of furniture crafting, whereas balsa is lightweight, creating it helpful for model building.

Wood: Properties & Their Uses
Wood: Properties & Their Uses

Uses Of Wood

  • It is used for construction Houses
  • Wood is used in Stationery
  • It is used for making Fencing and decorating the garden
  • Making Wooden Utensils
  • Making Art & Craft from woodland
  • Musical Instrument created with the help of woodland
  • Making toys,& sports equipment
  • Creating Furniture for home
  • Used in Shipbuilding
  • It is used a Fuel

Properties of Wood

  • Moisture Content.
  • Grain.
  • Presence Of Defects
  • Color And Odor.
  • Specific Gravity.
  • Tensile Strength
  • Transverse Or Bending Strength
  • Shrinkage And Swelling.
  • Strength.
  • Density

Wood Comes From

Woods comes from trees. What will not be thus apparent is that the structure of the wood itself, and in addition the individual parts that compose any given piece of lumber. in contrast to a principally uniform piece of foamboard, or alternative semi-synthetic material, wood is an organic item and has several distinct characteristics which are able to be useful.


The cambium creates new cells, they turn out to be totally different sizes, shapes, & orientations to perform a range of tasks, together with food storage, sap physical phenomenon, trunk strength, etc. When a tree is young, bound cells inside the lumber are capable of organizing sap or storing nutrients, and therefore, the woods is observed.

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