What is Lumber And Where It Is Used?

Lumber is the wood which transforms into boards and planks. Its primary usage is for structural purposes. It produces paper furniture, pulp and other composites like particleboard and plywood. It is one of the most useful material, and applications of Lumber is vast.

What is Lumber And Where It Is Used?
What is Lumber And Where It Is Used?

It is majorly of two types i.e., hardwood or softwood. Softwood consists of spruce, pine fir, cedar, cypress, redwood, and other conifer trees. The famous softwood trees in the U.S. are Douglas fir and southern yellow pine. Softwood has vast application and use to make buildings, paper, and furniture. It is easy to saw and nail it. There are various design pattern can be draw with it.


Hardwood comprises of trees like maple wood and oak. These trees are mostly broad-leaved and deciduous.

Hardwood has many patterns and different colours. It is widely use for manufacturing commercial products, pallets, flooring, tables, high-end furniture, and cabinets, etc.

Rough Lumber

Rough Lumber is one of the types which consist of both hardwood and softwood. It is use to make furniture and other items. Finished Lumber receive in standard sizes. It is largely consume in the construction industry for flooring purpose.

Rough Lumber’s Use

It is available abundantly and since long we are using for constructing houses and several items of daily use. We start using lumber thousands of years ago. Moreover, it is a traded commodity worldwide. It is common material use in industries and construction industry. Its primary usage is as a raw material to construct houses.

It has defects, and these include chip marks, torn grains, and wane during processing. Moreover, it is also highly prone to fungi attacks, termites, and wood-boring beetles.


Different type of lumbers is produce by various trees; they vary in grain, natural wear, and knots. Categorization of Lumber depends on two components i.e., thickness or lengths. Lumber length ranges from 8 feet to 20 feet, and its thickness is measure in inches.

Trees are first to cut into logs and transported by trucks to the sawmill for producing Lumber.

At the mills, logs are saw into different sizes. The cutting process depends on existing demand and prices. At last grade allotment to woods.

What is Lumber And Where It Is Used?
What is Lumber And Where It Is Used?

How Can You Use Lumber?

Softwood Lumber usage is wide as a raw material for constructing homes or remodeling it. Softwood is use by the construction industry for boards and planks. Currently, China imports softwood from North America.

It is expect that Asia will become the largest consumer of Lumber in few coming years.

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