Using-Wood-Construction-Material Is Found To Have Positive-Effects Using-Wood-Construction-Material Is Found To Have Positive-Effects

Using-Wood-Construction-Material Is Found To Have Positive-Effects

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Wood-construction-material is highly in use by people now. People are favoring it over stone and paint. However, the cost of wood is still high as compared to other building materials. Using wood is a trend because it looks earthy and calm. Wood is a common building material. When there was no cement and mortar, wood was there to make houses. However, with evolution, man invented various materials that made stronger and cheaper houses. Wood brings positivity and eliminates bad indoor air. Since it is natural, it does not emit any mildew as well.

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Using-Wood-Construction-Material Is Found To Have Positive-Effects

Wood Construction Material

Wood is getting priority as a construction material. People are choosing wood over cement and stone. This is because research shows that wood has a positive effect on people’s well being. However, there are various factors because of which people are hesitant to use wood. One of them is a termite. Termite is an insect that lives on wood and gradually turns it into ruins. The cost of treatment is very high. Another reason why people were initially hesitant to use wood is the cleaning part. Also, Experts are paving that even wood has anti-bacterial properties and can be cleaned properly.

However, they are finding ways by which they can treat the wooden surface in such a way that it requires minimum maintenance. Wood is especially in use in ins schools and daycare centers. Hence, The industrial construction material has mildew and indoor environment issues. So, These issues may not be very healthy for children. Which is why wood is to choose over them. Together with the indoor plantation, the wood creates a positive ambiance for the children. Moreover, wood is safe. Children may not hurt themselves during a fall on a wooden surface. However, they may hurt if the surface is of stone or metal.

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Using-Wood-Construction-Material Is Found To Have Positive-Effects

Changing Perception: Wood-Construction-Material

Using wood as a preferred construction material is a changed perception altogether. However, people are accepting and getting used to it, some people need to be convinced. Additionally,

People have to be more aware and exposed to the benefits of wood. It has proved that wood has a positive effect on the general well being of people. However, in the health care and social service sector, wood is not up to the mark. This is because it is in the belief that it is difficult to clean wood. wood is not in seasoning and in treatment in such a way, that the surface is of antibacterial. thus, making it fit to use in hospitals and social care centers. Also, The experts say that working in this sector will require government intervention. But, they have to procure wood and use it profoundly. Unless and until there is awareness of benefits, even the government will not use wood. Therefore, there should be awareness campaigns that talk about the economic benefits vis-a-vis well being.

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