Use This Angled Ruler Wood Measuring Device to Help You Make Gauges of Parallel Lines! Check It Here -

Use This Angled Ruler Wood Measuring Device to Help You Make Gauges of Parallel Lines! Check It Here

Several instruments are available now to help you in the measurement works. In fact, there are different instruments for each of the works. Rulers are often used for measurements. However, it is often used for straight lines.

It is often required to use compasses or protractors when it comes to measure and cut in angles. But how great could be if there is a one-stop solution for all these? 

Yes, you heard it right. You can find just the right product you have always looking for for all your measurement and cutting needs. All types of packaging can now be easily carried out with this.

Angled Ruler Wood Measuring Device

Looking for the perfect remedy for your packing needs. It has always been difficult to measure and cut angled pieces, but not anymore.

This angled ruler is the perfect instrument that can help you take over your passion. This is a great help for woodwork and graphics designs. It can also be used for curved edges and box packaging.

Made from high-quality material the ruler can be easily handled. It helps to take markings on wood and other materials. It’s also a great help in making parallel lines on 3 D items like pipes and wood.

The ruler has angle marking at 4,5 and 90 degrees. This can be just the right tool you need to carry out your woodworks. It can be used for marking gauges for a number of materials. The product package consists of 1 ruler with all angle measurement helps.

It is easily available and can be easily fixed for the corner drawing and marking. It has a number of markings on various angles. The curved shape in the Angled Ruler Wood Measuring Device helps for easy use across the different surfaces.


  • Type: Measure Tool
  • Application: Wood Working Tool
  • Item type: 3D Mitre Angle Measuring Gauge
  • Material: ABS
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.01
A person sitting on a wooden table


  • The product allows easy marking of angles 
  • It is made as a curved protractor.
  • The product is made from high-quality materials 
  • It is made from ABS material
  • It can help in making gauges of parallel lines in 3D items
  • It can be helpful for woodworking.


  • The product does not have ruler measurements 
  • The measurement isn’t written 


Looking for the perfect way to measure your work? Search no more because this product does more than just a normal ruler.

This is the perfect go-to tool for creating angle marking. It has a number of markings for different angles and can easily be used by all. It finds help in several situations of woodworking and projects. Made from top quality materials, it can also be used for packaging uses. 

There are several measurements provided to daily mark the angles. It could be a great help to explore your interest in wood works and other crafts. It is a must have tool for professionals and packaging deportment.

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