Seven Power Tools Every Wood Cutter Should Have

Beginners generally take a look at their budget as well as are confused about the way to afford full shop power tools to start. A fortune amount not needed to start. We recommend only seven working, affordable power tools to every woodworker beginner to have with them. We assure every beginner can tackle quite a several projects in the beginning just having these tools.

Seven Power Tools Every Wood Cutter Should Have
Seven Power Tools Every Wood Cutter Should Have

List Of Seven Important Power Tools 

The seven essential power tools are 

Circular Saw

The circular saw is the most basic handheld power tool to use in woodworking. When people use a circular saw with a straight age clamp, then it can work just like a table saw, sometimes better than a table saw. It’s used mainly for cutting sheet goods & medium dense fibreboard. One should purchase a quality circular saw at the beginning of getting started with the woodworking.

Power Drill

A corded power drill is more versatile to use in woodworking then the cordless one. It is also more powerful compared to a cordless power drill. Well, that does not mean that the cordless ones are worthless. People should remember some options at the time of choosing a corded power drill like the size of the chunk), keyless or keyed chuck, hammer drill or straight drill should have a piece of proper knowledge on these options and also some suggestions. 

Jigsaw Power Tools

The jigsaw is the third most crucial tool for a beginner. It is not required for a beginner to go for a band saw at first, although they are more accurate in cutting thicker materials, still, a jigsaw is perfectly okay for the beginners. One should buy a corded and orbital action jigsaw with a secure blade changing system, and it should also be handy.

Orbital Sander (Random)

Seven Power Tools Every Wood Cutter Should Have
Seven Power Tools Every Wood Cutter Should Have

This is the fourth most essential and primary power tool. For every beginner, a random orbital sander is a must-buy tool. Although palm sanders are much cheaper and can also use plain sandpaper, the random orbital sander works well in using fastened sanding disks and use a pattern of random sanding.

Table Saw

As you start using the tools as mentioned above and you are confident enough in using them, then only you can go for buying the fifth most crucial handheld power tool as the table saw. You should take the proper decision to the type of table saw as per your requirement and also the budget.

Miter Saw (Compound)

Once you get habituated to use a table saw with the table saw, now is the time to get a compound miter saw .it can be used to cut compound angles on the edges of the stock.


A router is the last possible recommended tool for beginners. Double based router not required for a beginner; instead of getting a stationary based one will take care of many tasks.

Power Tools Conclusion

Therefore the above-mentioned handheld power tools are all that a beginner needs. There is no point spending too much and getting the full shop into your home. Well! Be slow and steady, and you will win the race.

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