Natural Wood Craft Sticks To Make Wooden Art -

Natural Wood Craft Sticks To Make Wooden Art

Wood Craft Sticks

Craft sticks can be made from natural wood like a White birch ad. Birch is the choice for craft sticks because they don’t splinter as much as other wood. This makes it safer for crafting art with bare hands, as well as a cleaner for your crafting table.

The best thing about craft sticks is they are easily paintable too. Paint, spray paint, and even oil-based colors adhere easily to wooden craft sticks. Craft sticks are the perfect way to add a little touch of nature in your room or office. Plus, it is not hard to find. You can buy one in any craft store in your local area.

If you are not sure how to use craft sticks, here are some ideas to put in your list. Start being creative today and get these ideas!

Miniature houses

A pair of scissors

The texture of natural wood on craft sticks make it a natural choice for miniature wooden furniture or structures. Projects such as mini houses are a natural choice for wood art because the sticks can be used from the walls to the fences, stairs, and roof.

A tiny log cabin can maximize the use of the craft sticks since the whole structure is made of wood. You can even make a garden with a park table and benches. For the full log cabin feel, use dark brown paint to coat the sticks. Afterward, add a mini mailbox by the entrance for the finishing touch.

Wall décor

A sign on a wooden table

Besides miniature scaled art, craft sticks can also be used to create a décor item for your space. Add a simple shelf space on your wall by creating an octagon piece that can hold items.

You can also craft DIY wall clocks or picture frames. For added effect, use LED strips at the back of these pieces to give them a more vibrant look. Warm yellow light especially goes well with wood.

Craft sticks are also very flexible, so you can top it off in any furniture you have in your home or room. You can put it around your plants, flower pots, cabinets, or even in your bed pole.

Baskets and Bowls

An interesting way to incorporate craft sticks in your home is by making functional art pieces. For starters, you can make bowls that can store items using the sticks. For these bowls, create multiple layers of the sticks and glue gun to make a cohesive bowl.

For your kitchen, craft sticks can pass as natural fruit baskets. Similar to how you made your bowl, craft a basket that can withstand the weight of several fruits tacked on top of one another. Why not make a wooden flower vase while you’re at it? Just remember not to pour water inside!

Final Thoughts

There are tons of ways to use craft sticks, and you just need to be creative and have an open mind on how to use it. With just a little hint of imagination and creativeness, you can come up with a craft stick idea that you will truly love.

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