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Minecraft Wood Types

Minecraft Wood Types

Meta Description: There are many wood types in Minecraft. Here are all the Minecraft wood types mentioned.

There are 8 different Minecraft wood types. Wood or hyphae is a block that has a log’s texture on all sides. These come in 8 different types – oak, jungle, birch, spruce, acacia, crimson, dark oak and warped. Sometimes, you may also find stripped wood that is a variant when an axe is used on wood. These wood types are obtained from different types of trees. These are used to make different colored wooden planks.

Appearance of Different Minecraft Wood Types

A room full of furniture

Oak log is medium brown in color and has vertical streaks.

Dark oak log is a darker version of the Oak Log, but is more on the grayer side thatn the Spruce Log.

Jungle log is chocolate brown colored with some horizontal streaks.

Spruce long is a darker shade of Oak Log

Acacia log has a gray bark with an orangish center.

Birch Log is white but has some small black patches. There is a unique cross-section of this log that makes it look white at the edges.

Uses of Minecraft Log

A desk with a computer keyboard

Jungle log is the only block that can grow cocoa beans on its surface. You will have to right click on this to find this option.

All log blocks can be smelted in a furnace to make charcoal.

These blocks may not be as efficient in making wooden planks, they can be used to make poles.

Spruce log is also called as the Chocolate Log.

Obtaining Minecraft Wood Types


Wood and hyphae can be broken by hand, but using an axe can speed up the process. The breaking time for a wooden block is 1.5 seconds.

Natural Generation

Oak wood and stripped oak wood are generated in plains villages, while Acacia wood and Stripped oak wood are generated in savanna villages. Spruce wood and striped spruce wood generate in snowy Tundra terrains and snowy taiga and taiga villages.


Wood or hyphae can be crafted out of four matching logs or stems that give three wood or hyphae after crafting.

Post Generation

Stripped wood or hyphae can be obtained by using an axe on wood or hyphae, these act the same as regular wood or hyphae.


Wood or hyphae can be used as a decorative block in place of normal logs or stems.


Wood and stripped wood can also be used as fuel in furnaces, smelting 1.5 items per block. In real life, hyphae are actually branching filaments that make a real-life mycelium collectively. The word hyphae is actually plural and the singular form is hypha.

As you start playing the game of Minecraft, you will be educated in each and every phase regarding the different Minecraft wood types, their uses and important information about them. This is one of the most famous games among children and teenagers alike. It is also educational and it build their skills in construction. The game is about team work and problem solving also.

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