Kinds Of Wood Decoration And Pros, And Cons -

Kinds Of Wood Decoration And Pros, And Cons

Kinds Of Wood Decoration And Pros, And Cons

Wood decoration ideas for home are perfect for someone who wants to have a cozy look. Besides, it looks cottage feel in their living area when you correctly set wood decoration. However, home décor with wood is easy to find and easy to maintain. Therefore, try to create an interior look with wood decoration. It will look delightful when you feature your living space with the wood decoration creations. The best thing about wood décor is that you can make your own decoration in your home with wood easily.

Most furniture, wood will be the backbone to sculpt easily. Besides, it is one of the best durable substances for human needs. There are different kinds of wood available in the market. Humans have been crafting tools and decorations with timber. Check out some of the advantages and disadvantages of home décor with wood. Besides, it can help you to make the best decision for your furniture at home.

Kinds Of Wood Decoration And Pros, And Cons
Kinds Of Wood Decoration And Pros, And Cons

Maple; One Of The Best Wood Decoration

Maple is a white hardwood. Besides, you can see this maple has reddish stains. It looks creamy white, which is one of the hardest wood types. Moreover, this maple is chosen for dressing tables and kitchen cabinet doors. It is because they will be perfect in heavy use things.


  • Maple is affordable and durable
  • It can be great for years
  • It can take dark stains


  • Deforestation
  • Not attractive for wooden decoration
  • Stains can look blotchy


Pine is one of the least expensive woods on the planet. Besides, it is one of the best light-weighted woods which is whitish with brown knots and also can see yellowish wood. It is affordable because it is grown fast and has a large production. Pinewood contains grain patterns; therefore, it will be attractive for some people. However, it has a low-density content. One of the best advantages of this pine wood is that it is a reusable resource. Besides, you can see Japanese style handmade wooden chopsticks, made of the wood.


  • Used for furniture making
  • Takes paint
  • Resists swelling and shrinking


  • Scratches can occur as it is a softwood
  • It has knots that can look like bleeding through the paint.

Walnut; Best Wood Decoration

Walnut is also a grained hardwood. However, it ranges from yellow to brown. This walnut wood is used to bring out the color in the paint. It used mostly on dining tables, wooden tea poi, and many more to get a unique style. However, it is oiled wood or clear-coated, which can bring a sense of a classy look.


  • Strong and durable wood
  • Stable wood with beautiful color and shade


  • Expensive wood
  • People feel bore to see the dark color.
Kinds Of Wood Decoration And Pros, And Cons
Kinds Of Wood Decoration And Pros, And Cons

Oak; Best Wood Decoration

Oakwood is one of the popular choices for the designer. It ranges from a musical instrument to home decors. Besides, it contains stripped grain lines that appear exquisite. This wood also gives classiness to the furniture as it prominent grain patterns. Therefore, it is structurally stable and lasts long. However, it needs less maintenance work for the designers. This oak wood is of two types:

  • Red oak
  • White oak


  • Strong and dense
  • Highly attractive for modern furniture

Cons Of Oak, For Wood Decoration

Stains can be seen.

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