Important Facts About Teak Wood

Various Type Of Wood & Their Uses

Houses are built. Electric works are done with. Walls constructed. Inauguration of the house finished. All the rituals are completed. What is missing in this newly built house then? Look around & you’ll realize some kind of wooden stuff is missing. Yes, we are talking about furniture here.   But what kind of wooden furniture you will prefer. Personally, I will suggest you go for teak wood. You won’t believe but it is not only strong but also a beautiful type of furniture you can go for.

Important Facts About Teak Wood
Important Facts About Teak Wood

Ultimate Teak Wood

Look at the teak wood & you’ll feel the set patterns visible on its surface. Teak is usually preferred over other types of woods because of its distinctive features. These features stand apart from other types of wood in terms of quality & variety of uses. This article will cover all the aspects of teak that are useful for you to take a look at it’s different features.

Features Of Teak Wood

Teak may be a massive, deciduous tree that is especially valued for its sturdiness and water resistance, and is employed for boat building, exterior construction, veneer, furniture, carving, turnings, and different tiny wood comes. Teak’s high oil content, high strength and tight grain create it notably appropriate wherever weather resistance is desired. Teak is additionally extremely immune to rot, fungi and mildew. Additionally, teak includes a comparatively low shrinkage quantitative relation,  that makes it wonderful for applications wherever it undergoes periodic changes in wet.

Important Facts About Teak Wood
Important Facts About Teak Wood

Teak Categories To Explore

  • Burma Teak
  • Indian Teak
  • African Teak
  • Ivory Coast Teak
  • Sudan Teak
  • Ghana Teak

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Teak Wood


  • It is an Aesthetic appeal
  • It is very Strong
  • This Wood is Durable
  • Resistance to termites and insects.
  • This wood is Heat moderation
  • Teak Resists rot & decay
  • Teak is Moisture-resistant
  • It will be hand-carved.


  • It is very Expensive
  • It hard to find standard-quality wood
  • Woodworking Tools get blunted.
  • Needs care.

Relevant Facts Of Teak Wood

  • Known as Tectona Grandis, it’s common name is teak wood. It is one of the varieties of tropical hardwood tree. It usually grows up to 130 feet in height.
  • Teak is native to south and geographic region, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Siam furthermore Myanmar.
  • This wood is usually golden or brown in color.
  • Teak wood is understood for its unbelievable sturdiness and water resistance.
  • The percentage of oil is quite high which makes it effective to tackle the decayed part among all the naturally produced wooden goods.
  • It is used for constructing boats, house exteriors along with internal & external pieces of furniture. It is also useful for carvings of frames & many more.
  • Doesn’t crack, wrap or flip black once in grips with metals.
  • Teak trees that are older, between forty and eighty years previous, offer the most effective wood.
  • Teak, before it will be dig lumber, should be dried for 1-2 years.

How to Identity Teak

  • Explore for a straight grain.
  • Check teak by its leather-like smell..
  • Obtain the wood to ascertain for significant weight.
  • See if the wood matches the entire on top of characteristics.

Here, we have mentioned all the aspects of Teak. Dear Readers must read this article and get knowledge about the wood.

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