Best Hard Wood Types For Your Interiors - Best Hard Wood Types For Your Interiors -

Best Hard Wood Types For Your Interiors

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One of the most preferred materials for making furniture, flooring, and décor products these days is hard wood. One needs to understand the hard wood types to make the right wood selection for their needs. A little research can come in handy and save you from huge expenses. Below discussed is a list of the best hardwoods that you can check.

Walnut Wood

A close up of a tree

Walnut wood is available in different temperaments and shades because they grow in different climates of countries. But you don’t need to worry about their quality. They are the most trusted wood. You will never experience shrinking or expanding issues in this wood. You can install it on your kitchen floor tension-free or you can also get furniture designed from it.

Padauk Wood – The Best Hard Wood Types

Padauk wood grows in Africa and Asia. This wood is more durable and stronger in comparison to oak. It is dark red in color that is best for your many interior design works. You can use it for many projects such as carvings, musical instruments, and other different types of furniture.  

Maple Wood

Maple wood is best as compared to other wood types. It means it is more durable and gives a flattering look to your furniture. They are mostly preferred for bowling pins or baseball bats. They are also more comfortable with interior design because of their starkness that gives a perfect look to the furniture. You can design furniture to floors with this wood as it gives a perfect décor.

Teak Wood – One Of The Hard Wood Types

Teak wood is a common type of wood that is used in interior design. It is cost-effective, durable, and strong. Thus, it is the perfect option for cabinets and bed frames. It has water-proofing abilities that make it unique from other wood types. You can use it for outdoor works as well.

Sal Wood

Sal wood is one of the best hard wood types that come in a dark-brown variant. It is a harder and stronger wood. People prefer this wood because it provides support and strength to structures. It restricts the fungus and termites. All these qualities make it more preferable for making doors, window frames, and support beams.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood comes in reddish-brown trademark color. It is naturally polished which makes it more preferable to be used in any kind of place. Issues including warp, shrink, etc. are less in this wood. People prefer this wood for indoor furniture such as crockery cabinets, bed frames, etc. just because of its deep color and wood grain.


Cedarwood is one of the best hard wood types. It is famous for its strength and its fragrance will please you. The ingrained cedar oil is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth and also makes it stronger and sturdy than other wood types. This wood requires low-maintenance that makes it more likable for wooden wardrobes and outdoor furniture.  

Purple Heartwood 

Purple Heartwood has a straight grain pattern texture and shiny looks. Thus it is in high demand in the world. It is more flexible and bendable which allows you to make high-quality furniture. It comes in an authentic and deep purple color which changes with time and gives a rich and deep look to your furniture. It restricts termites and fungus.


Selecting the right wood type is the key to beautiful and highly durable material. You can get any wood type from the list discussed above and get the furniture or décor items made.

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