Amazing Craft Ideas With Wood

Simple & Amazing Craft Ideas

Curiosity is an essential feature of a human being. This very term leads him to question the different ways & aspects of doing a particular thing. Out of curiosity emerges a word called an idea. This idea is the result of all the curious stuff going around in the head. What happens when we think of craft ideas? Craft means art, in other words. When the creative ideas strike our head, we add some craft along with our heart to give our thoughts a completely different shape. There are already so many ideas related to craft which are being implemented to make this world more & more beautiful. In this article, let’s fuse all our creative ideas into this & explore more about Simple & Amazing Craft Ideas.

Simple & Amazing Craft Ideas
Simple & Amazing Craft Ideas

Creative Craft Ideas For Adults

Craft Ideas are of the many varieties that each adult and youngsters will attempt at their home for springing up with the foremost astonishing output. We will create use of various materials like vibrant papers, leftover ornamental textile, ornamental ribbons, threads, and a few of the trashes that are of no for us, anymore. Wall art, gift ideas, home decor, etc., several adult crafts for your home and craft space. During this section, you’ll notice all of my adult craft.

Simple & Amazing Craft Ideas
Simple & Amazing Craft Ideas

2 Fabulous DIY Craft Ideas

1.    Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Things Required

  • 4″ x12 “two wood sections
  • Mason jars (Two)
  • Sandpaper
  • Brushes
  • Decoart Chalky Finish paint or color in Relic
  • Black Ornamental hooks
  • Ruler
  • pencil
  • Frosted glass spray paint
  • Sawtooth hanging hardware
  • Faux florals
  • Masking tape
  • Jute twine: 2×20″ & 2X48″ long
  • Twinkle lights


  • If required, sand down any rough edges & surfaces of wood items.
  • Paint the entire front surface and sides of both the wood pieces with the Relic paint.
  • Along with sandpaper, distress the sides and bottom of the painted wood pieces.
  • Apply the sand on the wooden board that is painted.
  • Add hanging hardware to the rear of each & every wood piece, regarding 2″ down from the highest of the wood piece.
  • Put the sawtooth hanger to the rear of the wood boards
  • Attach the ornamental hook to the center front of the wood piece.
  • Fix the ornamental hook to the piece of wood.
  • Put the tape around the neck of the container. Spray the base of the jar with glass paint which will not be transparent. Let the paint dry for some time.
  • Spray the mason jar with the same paint.
  • Keep the short piece of thread over the gap between the jar.
  • Roll the long part of the thread
  • Tie the thread encircling the edge of the container.
  • Tie the end parts of the short piece along with it to form a twisted rope.
  • Adding Mason jar to the wood block
  • Place twinkle lights and pretend flowers into the mason jars and droop onto the ornamental hook. Drop the sconce on the wall.

2.    Button Rings

Things Required

  • Buttons
  • Adjustable Size ring
  • Glue
  • Pliers


  • Firstly take the pliers, remove the ring on the back of the button
  • Place some glue on the part of the ring where you want a button over it.
  • Place the button on the ring where you put the glue and kept aside for dry.

Guys, I hope you would like the above DIY craft ideas. Please add a comment in the below comment box and share your view related to this article. Thank you, and have a beautiful day.

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