3 Tips to Choosing the Right Wood for Your Perfect Wood Table

3 Tips To Choosing The Right Wood For Your Perfect Wood Table

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Here are some tips for a Perfect wood table for your cozy room. First, you have to choose the wood color at par with your wall color and other things. Once you decide that, then you must consider some factors for choosing the right kind of wood for your customized table. There are mainly three factors in selecting a furniture wood, and they are, wood durability, wood grain, and cost.

Generally, the hardness of wood decides the wood durability. The resistance of a sample wood piece against daily friction and denting gives you an idea of its durability. Woodgrain means the arrangement of the wood fibers in the sample wood and it decides its tensile strength and texture of wood. The visible wood pores denote if it’s a close or open grain sample. Large pores visible to naked eyes are called free grain. Closely neat wood fibers with small pores are called closed grain. While deciding the cost, you should remember the wood should be old. That will stop deforestation indirectly and will increase its longevity. The price will also depend on the craftsmanship of the carpenter and wood quality.

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3 Tips To Choosing The Right Wood For Your Perfect Wood Table

Types Of Woods For A Perfect Wood Table

Maple(Janka rating 1400-1500): Maple trees can be found all over the world, and they are famous for their beautiful leaf color in fall. But their woods are also the hardest and moderately pricey. They have extensive use of furniture, toys, etc. They absorb strains moderately, very durable. You can polish it whenever needed. They are less likely to get decayed by insects. It’s a closed-grain wood.

Oak (Janka rating 1200-1300): oak is weighty wood and super durable. Oak furniture generally witnesses centuries in the family. The only downfall is weak insect resistance and fungal attacks. But a layer or two of polish and insecticide will do the trick for you. It has a lovely open grain texture and moderately pricy.

These are the primary two kinds of wood you can choose for your table. You can select one of them for their durability and resistance. We can still suggest you some other woods.

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3 Tips to Choosing The Right Wood For Your Perfect Wood Table

Some Other Wood Options

Pine (Janka rating 300-400): This is low-density softwood. This wood is not very robust and prone to scratching. But it can be durable if constructed well, which entirely depends on the craftsmanship. Its light color and low price make it an option sometimes, though. It also supports various wood stains, so in case you want to change the table color, then pine is an option for customization.

Walnut (Janka rating 1000-1100): it is an open grain medium-textured wood and durable also. Its cost is very high and moderately insect and fungus resistance. They have much lumber in general, and you can change their color with wood tint.

For a table, you can choose from these four kinds of woods. Consult with craftsperson properly, stating all your requirements.

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